Sinus Lift Kit


An all in one collection that includes 24 pieces and crate.


Implant crate that holds up to 24 implant boxes.

Convex Screw Dia.  1.6/2.8mm  3pc.

Convex Screw Dia. 2.0/3.3mm  3pc

Convex Screw Dia. 2.4/3.6mm  3pc

Convex Screw Dia 2.8/4.2mm  3pc

Concave Screw Dia. 3.0mm  3pc

Concave Screw Dia. 3.5mm  3pc

Concave Screw Dia. 4.0mm  3pc

Point Drill 1pc  2mm

Ratchet Driver  1pc